Here are some of my projects

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9 min read

Doc-Aid | Patient Management System︎︎︎

How I designed an accessible patient management system that saw an increase in adoption rate and the net promoter score.

12 min read

Vanguard | Investment for Millenials︎︎︎

How I designed an onboarding flow and a clearer “Choose funds” page to make it easier for new investors to decide what to invest in.

8 min read

Suraksha | Home Quarantine Monitoring ︎︎︎

How I designed a patient monitoring system that ensures the safe quarantine of over 58,000 people.

7 min read

SurfABLE Scotland | Surf School︎︎︎

How this design intervention led to a 50% increase in student enrollment for a surf-school in Scotland

13 min read

Future of Payments | Augmented Reality︎︎︎

How would you interact with sending payments in Augmented Reality? Click to find out....

4 min read

The Royal Hotel | History & Heritage ︎︎︎

How a research-oriented poster raised £1280.
Click to find out how...

8 min read

Boozy Banana | Brand Identity︎︎︎

How I established a brand linguistic plan to enhance brand representation and visual appeal...

2 min read

No More No Less | Social Media︎︎︎

How I designed a book cover and created a release strategy for Instagram...

3 min read

Donate a Wall | Street Art ︎︎︎

How we transformed a public area to better connect with commuters and create a landmark...

2 min read

Ingenio | Sculpture Installation︎︎︎

How public sculpture enhanced brand perception and communicated brand values...