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Suraksha App

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Team: Anirudh Deep, Kumar Naman, Sanay Dev, Suraj Kumar, Suraj P Suresh, Vaibhaav S Dev

Client: East Singhbhum District Administration

My Role: UX Designer

Duration: 24 days


(During the peak of Covid by the mid week of May,2020)

Deputy commissioner, Mr Ravishankar Shukla, IAS briefed us on the current situation and these are the important insights.


returning migrant workers are expected to arrive the East Singbhum district in Jharkhand. 


Beds are available for new patients and 33,770 is the maxiumum capacity, there is an inadequate number of quarantine centers to accommodate all the returning members.


Home Quarantine Compliance

There were no measures to guarantee that the passengers sent for home-quarantine actually stays home to avoid the spread of COVID.


The entire project at a glance

How are patients sent for home quarantine?

- Anyone entering the district from outside the district borders are required to home quarantine themselves for 14 days. 
- Ground level healthcarfe workers issue the home quarantine requiremnt at various point of entries like railway station, airports & hospitals

Prioritizing Features & Tasks

After conducting the initial reserach we had come up with various features that could be added to enhance not only the ground level health care workers but also the patients. We priotritized the features based on an importance to urgency matrix.

Key Feature

The objective of the application is to make sure that the patients comply with the 14 day home quarantine, there is a nation wide lockdown from 8pm to 10am, so below is the way we came up with to ensure that the patients comply to the rules of home quarantine. 


The app promts you to click a selfie (3-4 times a day) between 10am and 8pm


The geotag in the photo is verfied with the quarantine location and the photo verifies the patient


A dashboard for health care workers to be notified when there is a mismatch in the verification process and to understand insights from the data gathered


Information Architecture, App flow, Input data points & conditions

Through multiple rounds of discussions we crafted an information architecture, so that the user isn’t overwhelmed.

Summarized Appflow

General Awareness

Flash Cards

Home Quarantine

Registration & Usage 

1. Registration

2. Notification prompts

3. State Quarantine Centre Details

4. NGOs & Food Bank Details


Home quarantine support & data insights

1. Overview Page

2. Home Quarantine Support Page

3. State Quarantine Centres Page


The application ensured the safe quarantine of over 58,000 migrant workers who returned to their hometowns amid nationwide lockdowns.

Public Information Notices were put out to inform the residents of the East Singbhum District, later in June 2020, the same Suraksha system was implemented in Hazaribagh and Bokaro districts of Jharkhand.