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How does the Future of Payments look like?

Collaborators: Suraj P Suresh, New Moray L.E.T.S & Discord XR Design Community, Simon Beeson (Architect/Educator)

Project Overview:

This is a speculative design project in collaboration with the New Moray Local Exchange and Trading System ​(L.E.T.S) to adapt their daily activities into Augmented Reality.

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Research Methodology

Speculative Design

To better understand the most probable future I am using speculative design. As it is a way to manifest possibilities to prepare us for inconvenient challenges and facilitate a more desirable, responsible path into the future.

Design fiction enable forms of storytelling that allow us to imagine unrealized objects in use; while also providing alternative value systems for designers. To understand what are the possible futures I combined futurologist Stuart Candy’s and David Mayman’s practice of speculative design.

So mapping out what could be the possible scenarios of future payment systems, digital eye wear (VR/AR) is in the preferable zone which we could see happening in the next 3-5 years competing with the smart phone market.

No one can predict the future, there is hype then there is reality, so how can one see or make a calculated risk? Is the hype real? For this predicament there are already existing models like Gartner’s Hype Curve enable people to make an informed decision, basically an objective map, that helps one understand the real risks and the opportunities of an innovation, enabling people to avoid adopting too early, giving up too soon, adopting too late or hanging on too long.


Understanding the community needs


The New Moray LETS is a community where members help each other and their time is rewarded with a local currency accepted only by the members of this community. The objective is to keep wealth within the community and not replace a currecny. There are over 150 local businesses and community members registered.

Currently they operate on a Facebook group posting what they have to offer and what they need.

To better understand the needs of the members of the community I invited them to a workshop that I organized.

Workshop with the community members
Data analysis from the workshop

Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection:

To further understand the user needs and behaviour I made use of various engagement tools to talk to local businesses and community members to identify similar trends.

Data Collection from user surveys

Engagement tools

Key Insights

from surveys, interviews and engagement tool data


of local businesses and community members want to purchase locally


of local businesses and community members actively make choices to purchase locally


of comunity members stated that convienience is the key factor before they make a purchase


of local business owners are willing to try and incorporate new technologies to sell their products

User pain points

from User stories and annotations from interviews

Key Points to add in the design:

1. Time stamps on offers/requests

2. Sorting offers/requests - Filters/Keywords

3. Budget displayed on requests

4. Sharing offers/requests


Design & Analysis

The user attention heat map was generted by an AI generated attention analytics, Attention Insight. 

The above design is an interface that directly answers to the pain points that the current members of the community face while putting up offers and accepting requests.

Apart from this I’ve also looked into

(i)   various interactions on how a person would interact with such a platform,

(ii)  how local businesses are shutting down in small towns,

(iii) frameworks to validate and test prototypes,

(iv) mobile wallet interactions for transactions

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